Wall Street English is hiring a Personal Tutor (Trợ giảng) Full-time

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    As a Personal Tutor, you ensure the educational success of your Center’s Students through effective coaching, motivation, and support. Students will look up to you to help them achieve their goals and develop life-long learning skills.
    • Deliver top-notch student educational experience with unparalleled customer service
    • Ensure that students trust and follow the Wall Street English Method
    • Conduct orientation classes, give academic advising sessions and assist students with multimedia lessons and the digital book material
    • Provide feedback and motivation to students in the multimedia Speaking Center
    • Advise students on how to achieve their educational goals
    • Motivate students throughout the course both in person and over the phone
    • Collaborate with Educational Consultants to facilitate Renewals and Referrals
    • Create a fun, all-English learning environment

    • Vietnamese nationals
    • Bachelor’s Degree in any field (preferably English-related)
    • Demonstrated fluency in English (TOEIC score 850+ recommended)
    • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
    • Capable of multi-tasking throughout every working day
    • Good time management skills
    • Ability to motivate and encourage students from a variety of backgrounds
    • Experience in customer service & treating objections/ complaints is an advantage
    • Teaching/tutoring experience in English is an advantage
    • Passionate about education, languages, and giving excellent customer service
    • Energetic, friendly and professional
    • Willing to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends

    • Gross salary: 10 mil + service KPI (Max: 2 mil)
    • Medical insurance
    • Paid annual leave
    • Free unlimited access to the Wall Street English Courses (3,500+ USD value)
    • Paid professional training and development in sales, service, and coaching
    • Clear opportunities for promotion and career development
    • Team-building events sponsored by Wall Street English
    • Professional, fun and exciting work environment
    Learn more about WSE's Learning Method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM0hF-ct6xg
    PT daily tasks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8phxj8eq_Q
    SEND YOUR CV TO: uyen.bt@wallstreetenglish.edu.vn - 090 777 64 78
    Email Title: [IUH] - PT - [your name]

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